“Comfortably say, we now have a solid reputation as industry leaders

offers services for all logistics
aspects of import and export by
both air and ocean. The company
also offers customs brokerage
and warehouse services. In 2019,
VELEKA established the vPt
brand (Veleka Perishable Team)
While shifted its focus to the
perishable business. This decision
proved to be a game-changer for
the company, as it experienced
massive growth in freight and
revenue due to the world’s
increased need for food products
during the Covid-19 epidemic.
VELEKA USA is headquartered
in New York. It offers customs
brokerage and warehouse services
in all the major ports in the U.S.
including JFK, LAX, Chicago,
Atlanta, and Miami.
The Silicon Review reached out to
Mr. Simon and here’s what he had
to say.
“Our rapid growth during the last
three years helped us expand our
cold-chain services to our customers
and invest in technology and the
highest level of manpower, which is
really our main resource and value.”
“Right before Covid-19 hit, we
went into the perishable business
establishing the vPt brand after
moving and handling major
accounts successfully for a few of
our customers.”
“This was a major and one of the
most important decisions which
completely changed the course of
our company and made VELEKA
USA what it is today.”
The Covid-19 pandemic gradually
ushered in a time when going
to work (onsite) is no longer
required. The ‘work from home’ era
is here and it’s here to stay.
“We recognized this change pretty
fast and shifted all of our priorities.
With the best personnel, cuttingedge technology, and monitoring,
we focused all of our resources on
cold-chain logistics, providing our
customers with top-notch service,
and essentially becoming one of the
most recognizable brands in the
perishable industry in the United
“Comfortably say, we now have
a solid reputation as industry

Liron Ben Simon, founder and
over 25 years of expertise in
the freight forwarding industry.
He started as an export clerk in
Israel and eventually moved up
to run the company’s airfreight
commercial team. In 2011, he
was relocated to the U.S. by one
of the biggest freight forwarding
companies in Israel to run its U.S.
operations, where he handled
one of the company’s biggest
accounts – GE Healthcare – setting
up the entire logistics chain in
the U.S. with over 25M$ revenue
per year in logistics. From 2011
onwards until 2015, Liron was
able to increase the revenue of
the company by over 300% yearly
while expanding into different
markets and offering warehousing
and distribution services.
In 2016, Liron started his own
company, VELEKA USA — a
freight forwarding company that

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